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Vortex Plus™ Water Purifier Replacement Filters

Vortex Plus Water Purifier Units and Faucet Kits are on Back Order for two months.

Vortex Plus Replacement Filters are In Stock.

Vortex is committed to bringing clean water to the world. We are developing water treatment systems suitable to be used by missionaries, remote villages, and people in distressed situations — anywhere that clean water is needed. Our home-use product development will continue to provide consumers with unparalleled, high-quality water treatment products.

University of Arizona Test Results:

During 1993, extensive testing of our unit was taking place at the Microbiology lab of the University of Arizona in Tucson, under the supervision of Dr. Charles P. Gerba, Ph.D. Among other bacteria and viruses, the unit was tested for its effectiveness against "MS-2," one of the most resistant organisms known. These tests were part of the preliminaries required for EPA approval. The test results are most impressive. Dr. Gerba stated that no water purification unite he ever tested so quickly passed the preliminary stages as The Vortex Machine. To the best of our knowledge at this time, no water purifier on the U.S. market has achieved EPA approval.

Purchase a Vortex Plus Water Purifier Unit


Vortex Plus Water Purifier
Replacement Filters


Shipping $8.50 per order


Just need the Faucet Kit?  Order below!

The Vortex Plus Faucet Kit is On Back Order
for 2 Months

Vortex Plus Water Purifier Faucet Kit


Shipping $10.00 per kit


Installation Information

The Vortex Water Machine™ comes ready to quickly install 
at almost any sink faucet with the supplied diverter valve.

View of Diverter Valve Installation
Image: Counter Top with Diverter Valve

If you prefer, it can also be wall mounted or
 mounted under-counter with the optional dedicated faucet kit.

View of unit installed under sink/counter
Image:  Under Counter Installation

View of faucet kit installation diagram
Image:  Faucet Kit Installation

*Faucet attachment available at extra charge.


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